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Government bulletin latest

We, your new Prime and Deputy Prime Ministers have completed our survey of voters’ opinions on how best your new Coalition Government can affect savings in the public finances. It was a most interesting and effective exercise and we do NOT rule out a repeat operation in the lifetime of this government.


Indeed, keep the emails coming. Despite the frequent demand to reduce the total number of civil servants, we have had to take on more to process your helpful ideas!


Nicky and I are most grateful, especially to all those who snitched on their neighbours and work colleagues in regard to Welfare Benefits cheating. This is not a victim-less crime, as Mrs Dobbs of Nottingham was good enough to point out. And we are grateful to one Nick Griffin who correctly identified the raft of recent immigrants as the chief culprits. Keep the complaints coming: this is what we meant by the Big Society: you all can make your contribution!


A few of you – several million, in fact – were a little cheeky in venturing beyond the remit we set for you! The Defence budget was not up for review, we made that clear at the start.


So, no, we will not be cancelling Trident, though that alone would save the whole

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