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Bewitched Hare

There was another time a man was taken away be the fairies while he was hunting a bewitched hare! I kid you not!

When he came to, he found he’self in a vast banqueting hall – full of laughter, music and merry talk, with the aroma of good food rising from the great feast spread out on the table.


Bit by bit he took stock of he’s surroundings and began to wonder where he was. Then he almost stiffened with dread and near turned to stone.


One of the guests sitting at the table was a daughter of his own who had died some months previously. All around people were forcing food and drink upon him but he ignored them until she came round the table to talk to him. She whispered,


‘Whatever you do, don’t touch the food or drink!’


She seated herself again and the feast went on while he was coaxed and cajoled to take a bite and a sup himself. But he knew now what was going on and refused.


Then like a thunderstorm in July that suddenly blots out the sun, the mood round the table changed. There was great confusion and screaming. Among the screaming voices he heard his own daughter and her piercing yells chilled him to the bone.


He was found on a forth next morning. Other people had heard the agonising yells. People said his daughter had betrayed their ruse to save him from the fate that she herself had suffered. 


The man himself was most surprised to learn that he had been gone not just one night but nine days and nights!


On these forths people taken away have seen houses and lbright lights although none can be seen by the naked eye under ordinary circumstances.


One time a man went to clear such a forth from his lands. He cut the bushes but his cow immediately took ill.


There was an old woman told him to tie the bush back to the stumps. When he did this, the cow got better and indeed the bush was the same the next morning as if it had never been cut!

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