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The Mill Corner

Three miles north of Warrenpoint the Lurgancanty Road meets the Ballyvalley Road, enclosing a triangular piece of land. A Belfast businessman Narcissus Batt …

who in the early 1800s had purchased some 12000 acres between Hilltown and Warrenpoint erected on that site a corn and flax mill.


Having thus provided a service for his new tenant farmers, he proceeded to accommodate the education of their children by establishing Clontifleece National School nearby in 1839.


By the 1930s-1940s – a time I am about to recall – the mill had long ceased to be and even the machinery had been removed. However in front of the mill a vacant plot had been planted in ash and sycamore which trees were by then mature. Since the district had neither church nor hall of any kind where the young might gather, their normal meeting place was in the shade of these trees in what was known far and wide as The Mill Corner. 


… more later …


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