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School-day diversions

Our school years were frugal in those far off days, but there were compensations.

1906 Carstands Pupils [1]

We enjoyed ; bathing at the Track; visiting the Hiring Fair at the junction of Mill Street/Market Street; laughing at the brilliant cartoons of local celebrities drawn by Joe Carroll; watching Denis Crawford and his shipwrights building a wooden scow in the Graving Dock; gazing down on the golden grain in the lighters; listening to the quick-ringing bell that pealed out every afternoon, from where, I know not; begging foreign sailors from the River Plate for sweet tobacco.


We found attractive too the old, faded yellow charts illustrating the (foreign to us) Metric System, or the cross-section of a locomotive and an old-fashioned beam engine: and the amazing picture of Hell and ‘The Death of a Sinner!’


Although I occasionally visit the ‘talkies’ I have never – outside of the Wiertz Museum – seen anything to match that picture of Hell.

… last in series? …

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