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Fiddlers Green 2010

In an hour I will participate in a Climb of Slieve Martin as the last event in the 2010 Fiddlers Green Festival. It has been an amazing week.

Definitely the highlight for me was the fabulous concert by the Brennan family of Kilfeghan. The audience was packed like sardines, hanging out windows and crowding in doorways. Even the billionaire sponsor had to share one crowded doorway! Rosemary, Liz, Bernadette and James Brennan sang like angels – indeed, the girls bore a remarkable physical resemblance also to those heavenly creatures. But when they sang

">Garden Valley

– and then Rosemary’s beautiful composition A String of Pearls – well, I was moved almost to tears.  Rose sang it again to me (well – not quite exclusively) at the Ceili House on Saturday.  In return I gave her Raglan Road!


They were ably assisted by two cousins (Farrells of course! Aveen and Rosemary) and Sal Hanvey.


I recorded those songs on a (crappy) digital voice recorder, so I might learn the words and air, and perhaps torture that Autumn gathering of eejits with my own awful interpretation.


… more later …


PS Brennans’ version of Garden Valley improves on Cara Dillon (above) : honestly!


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