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November reviewed

I haven’t laughed as much in ages! Indeed, owning a hearty guffaw, I could be heard all over the auditorium, to the consternation of my dear wife and companion. But ‘November’ was absolutely hilarious!

I was still laughing this morning on the golf course, again to the amusement of others and the puzzlement of my playing companions. I shall have to purchase a copy of the script, for I’m sure I missed some of the best lines, with tears of amusement streaming down my face.

The playing too was magnificent. This team has gained many ‘firsts’ already and I am certain the Newry audience (there were several spontaneous bursts of applause, for the first time this week) will name it their favourite.

It earned a very good review here too.

I could sit through it all again tonight – and would, if it were on offer! It was THAT good!

We have nothing but comedies left, with ‘Entertaining Angels’ tonight, Ayckbourn’s ‘Absurd Person Singular’ tomorrow night and Coward’s ‘Present Laughter’ to close the Festival.

It has been a great week’s theatre and there’s still one third of the way to go!

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