Readers Stories

John McCullagh July 24, 2011

  Esler was in charge of the dressing room equipment. He handed me my jersey, shorts, socks and leather boots, with big studs, and told me I would be a B man for the rest of the season. I think he missed the irony of this term!

John McCullagh July 21, 2011

  It was early Sunday morning in the year 2008 and I had just arrived at the Golden Gate. Saint Peter recognised me instantly, giving me a very hearty greeting and a warm handshake.

John McCullagh July 13, 2011

  We were walked along the promenade: there were hundreds of people walking up and down; some sitting on the wall, watching and listening to the pipe-and-accordion bands. 

John McCullagh July 9, 2011

The Longstone Band was marching down the middle of the road. We swayed to the swirl of the pipes and the roll of the drums. We marched with the band around The Square, along Church Street and down to the Public Baths.   

John McCullagh July 7, 2011

  A tale of events one 15th August, some 70 years ago … My eighth birthday was approaching when Mammy said:

John McCullagh November 1, 2010

On Wednesday night of this week (3 November) Newry Film Club are showing the acclaimed film ‘A Single Man’ in the Arts Centre at 8.00pm.