Year: 2008

John McCullagh December 30, 2008

There were a few ‘schools photographers’ who thought it a good idea to photograph the Abbey boys in the Assembly Hall using a wide-angle lens.   The result was predictable – even the lads could not recognise themselves if they were not in the first four rows!

John McCullagh December 27, 2008

We three walked the towpath today from Lurganare to Jerretspass.  The images are below.  Meanwhile, in reference to this entry, Martin Payne emails me with the following message:

John McCullagh December 26, 2008

The gabbro boulder-strewn western side of Anglesey Mountain was our challenge this St Steven’s Day.  It was also the birthday of BOTH of my companions, the newest Mr and Mrs McCullagh.

John McCullagh December 19, 2008

I am usually in the Gateway Club once a week for Bridge sessions and there are lots of Irish classes and other activities nightly.  Peter and Sinead Donaghy sometimes have gymnastic sessions there too.