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How the other half loves …

Tonight (Sunday) it is the turn of Clarence at Newry Drama Festival.  Two houses and three couples share the same stage in Alan Ayckbourn’s dazzlingly funny comedy classic How the Other Half Loves [Clarence, Belfast] ….

this action-packed production takes place over one weekend, starting at breakfast time in the Phillips’ scruffy household where Theresa’s suspicions about what Bob was up to last night. Meanwhile, at the well-to-do Fosters’, Fiona has forgotten her wedding anniversary, and Frank’s wondering exactly where she was until the small hours.

Stumbling into the arena come the Featherstones, a blameless couple dragged into the proceedings to provide unwitting alibis for the others’ infidelities. As the plot thickens, the lives of the three couples become inextricably tangled in a series of mind-boggling misunderstandings.

The increasingly frantic action is driven by Ayckbourn’s brilliant staging, in which the two households are part of the same set. The showpiece of the play is the simultaneous dinner party, in which the Fetherstones are the guests at both houses at the same time!

How the Other Half Loves has a kind of excitement and unlikely situations that it would only be possible to imagine in live theatre. Audiences who enjoy witty comedy with hilarious situations – echoes of 1970s classics like the Good Life and Abigail’s party – will love How the Other Half Loves.

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