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Prejudice: First Meeting

Tuesday was Nurse’s Dance night at the City Hospital.

I spotted her and moved in as the band struck up its final set of tunes.  

‘Have you just arrived? I was searching for you all evening.’




I don’t think I know you?’


‘You know me now!


‘I want you to know I’m not asking out of desperation because it’s the last dance …’  


Ach, I was the lad with the glib tongue! I knew how to charm a girl!


‘No?’ and her eyes twinkled. 


We huddled together later in a telephone box on the corner of the Lisburn and University Roads getting to know each other.


‘Daylight will change everything,’ she mused sadly – as though to herself.


‘We could wait here and see how untrue that is,’ I suggested.


Finally her taxi arrived. 


‘Can I have your shoe?’ I asked. 




‘How else will I find my Cinderella in the morning?’


We swapped contact details. 


…  more later …

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