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McGladdery: murder evidence

In 1998 shortly before I retired from the civil service I was invited, with a group of other Agency Chief Executives to lunch in Crumlin Road Gaol, just before it finally shut down. 

We were given a tour of the prison which included a visit to the cell from which the condemned prisoner McGladdery was taken to be hanged, and the spot from which the hanging took place, then down to the room below, into which the unfortunate plummeted to his death and finally, the gravelled-over patch of bare ground, behind a grim grey concrete wall, where all of the executed people were buried.


It was a depressing, poignant moment, since the last man to take this awful route was known to me personally. I had known him at the beginning of my working life, and saw his death place at the end of it.


… more later …

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