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Car Stands Dole Office

I had been in Newry for eighteen months when in the summer of 1959 the IRA planted a bomb in the entry beside the office in John Mitchel Place and wrecked it.

The current Dole Office

The front was blown out and the upper floors partially collapsed.  A temporary replacement was found in the Car Stands, on the Mall, which had at an earlier stage been a Christian Brothers School.


The building was a large barn of a place, on two floors. A long counter divided the public from the office section of the ground floor and the first floor was divided by screens.  We were there for about two years before transferring to a new purpose-built office in Bridge Street.  


In October of that year Sadie and I were married and, since the civil service had a bar on the employment of married women, Sadie had to resign.  


This injustice rankled with me and so I was very pleased, seven years later, to be directly involved in the intensive negotiations with the government that abolished the bar.  To my chagrin, I found that the most vocal supporters of the bar were single women – not much sisterhood in those days!

… just two more episodes to go …  

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