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Pat Devlin : Final part

When Sadie and I married we moved in with her parents temporarily while we looked for a house. 

In those days houses for rent were scarce and we registered with the then Housing Trust.  Home ownership was low and most new families depended on the Council or the Housing Trust.  


Allocation of council houses was local authority responsibility then and it was necessary to cultivate the local elected councillor who had considerable clout in allocations.  


As a civil servant I was hampered in the housing stakes since approaching public representatives on personal matters was a breach of the civil service code of conduct.  This put us at a distinct disadvantage. Such personal and political patronage was unhealthy and was rightly one of the first areas for reform after the civil right disturbances in the late 1960s.


Towards the end of 1961 I was interviewed for promotion.  In those days the names of those fortunate enough to be promoted were never published and there was nothing to do but await the call, if it ever came.  


Our first child, Linda, was born in August 1962 and within a week I was told that I was being promoted to Senior Clerk and transferred to Central Benefits Branch in Stormont on 22 August.


So ended four satisfying years in Newry. I had worked with many honourable and interesting people, met and married my wife and started a family.


 And so…  tomorrow to fresh fields and pastures new.


… end …

Ed’s tribute to Patrick Devlin ? …

… back to start of Patrick Devlin’s reminiscences ? …


We on Newry Journal are enormously grateful to Patrick Devlin for sharing his reminiscences with us.


We need someone else now to write his/her own memoirs for us !

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