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Bridge Street 1946

Bridge Street electors of 1946 :



1 Loughran Annie

1 Loughran Margaret

3 O’Rorke Bryan J

3 O’Rorke Eileen

3 O’Rorke Robert H

7 McDonald Arthur

7 McDonald Mary C

15 Murtagh Terence

25 Murtagh Yvonne

25 Boyd David

25a Welsh Michael

25a Welsh Annie J

25a McOscar John

25a Henning George W

27 Fitzsimmons James

27 Fitzsimmons Mary

29 Hoey Catherine

31 Murphy Vera

31 Wright Rose

31 McShane Mary

33 Loy Winnie

33 Loy Mary J

43 McGivern Patrick G

45 McGivern Sarah

45 O’Donnell Charles

45 O,Donnell Eileen

45 O’Donnell Turlough

47 O’Donnell Kathleen


You hardly need reminding that Turlough, of the last named house rose to become Chief Justice of Northern Ireland and another brother became editor of the Newry Reporter. 


The Loys were cousins of your editor as were the Flanagans who lived further down Bridge Street at the time. 


Terence Murtagh was the original owner of the abandoned bar that still lies at the corner adjacent to KFC. 


The O’Rorkes and the Welshes intermarried and became (and still are) neighbours and good friends of ours in later life.

A short anecdote: some twenty years ago I was commissioned to do some home decorating for the above named Josie Welsh when that lady was living alone and suffering from memory loss and of an advanced age. 

I chose to work in the early afternoon when she took a nap.  Unfortunately she woke up and very slowly emerged onto the hallway when I was painting the ceiling there.  

Despite my reassurances she showed no signs of recognition and flustered about helplessly.  I withdrew to the back garden to give her a chance to compose herself and settle in a room of her choice.  Finally I re-entered and resumed my work.  Instantly she emerged from another room to the hall, and seeing me, fled (ever so slowly) into the bathroom.

Soon she re-emerged from there and spotting me again, spoke out in frustration and vexation.

"You! You … you are EVERYWHERE!"  She cried in alarm.  I hadn’t moved!

I loved Josie dearly and towards the end, was one of the few people she recognised and was comfrotable with.


I’m sure you have your own fond memories of some of these people.


It is noteworthy how densely populated this street was just a generation ago, while scarcely anyone lives there today!

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