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The Butcher Boy

Dear Agnes


I was on my way to work last Tuesday when suddenly my car spluttered and died. 

Imagine my horror when I returned home to find my wife in OUR bed with the 19 year-old butcher-boy son of my neighbour and friend from Moore Street. 


(Yeah! I agree, it sounds familiar!)


I really need your advice URGENTLY !

Yours Truly


Canice B Troo



Dear Canice


There was a general warning issued on the airwaves last week about water in the petrol sold from some filling-stations.


Personally I believe that there’s a much greater danger from sulphuric acid, used to ‘launder’ green diesel – so don’t rule that out either!


If you don’t want to pay exorbitant mechanic charges, you could try


  1. replacing the petrol/diesel filter, and


  1. emptying and cleaning the carburettor well (using tissue)


  1. re-starting the engine – having secured the carburettor again, of course.


Be careful where you buy your diesel/petrol in future!



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