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Ralph Bagenal, brother of Nicholas

There were a few peripheral Bagenal figures of whose existence we ought to be aware …

Ralph Bagnall (d. 1586)

Father:     John Bagnall, Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England 1519, 1522, 1526, 1531, 1533

Mother:   Elinor, daughter of Thomas Whittingham of Middlewich, Cheshire

Brothers: Nicholas, Richard and two others killed at Bullogne.

Sisters:   Mary and Margaret.

Married:   Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of Robert Whitgreave of Burton Manor, Stafford, England.

Children:  Son: Samuel (illegitimate) – daughter: Frances

Religion:  Protestant, an ardent reformer who during the reign of Queen Mary (1553-1558) refused in the House of Commons to acknowledge the Supremacy of the Pope. Tennyson in his play "Queen Mary" Act 3, Scene 3, refers to this stand taken by Sir Ralph.

1547: Knighted at Roxburgh, after battle of Musselburgh by Duke of Somerset.

1550: Made a member of the Privy Council in Ireland (the same year that his brother Nicholas was granted the Cistercian lands in Newry and Carlingford) , and also became Lieutenant of the army in Ireland, following on the voluntary resignation of Sir William Seintelowe who wished to retire to England.

1551: He took part in the failed attempt, led by Sir James Croft, Lord Deputy to capture the McDonnell’s stronghold on Rathlin Island.

1552: Received large grants of land, including the Abbey of Dieulacre, (Staffordshire) following on the dissolution of the Religious houses. He was made knight of the shire (Staffordshire) following the dissolution of the Religious houses.

1555 – 1559: He was made a knight of the shire (Staffordshire).

1556(?): Fled England to France because of his stance against Queen Mary on the religious issue, having assigned the abbey lands to his brother Nicholas.

1557: There are indications in the Acts of the Privy Council 1556 -1558 Westminster, that Sir Ralph was back in England in this year and being employed on occasion as interpreter in the Tower of London.

1558: He regained his lands and favour on the advent of Elizabeth to the throne. However his loyalty to his faith cost him and shortly afterwards he began to sell the property in stages to former tenants of the abbey.

1563 – 1567: Member of Parliament (MP) for Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

1568: He was in Holland engaged in military operations.

1586: Sir Ralph died on his way to Staffordshire from London at the Star Inn, Coventry.

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