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Croziers’ Pat’s Day revellers

The best and perhaps the only traditional bar remaining in the town centre is that of Jean Crozier on Water Street. Our small party retired there late on St Patrick’s Day…

… where, in very convivial company we whiled the evening away with singing and merry-making. For the former we had the company – amongst many others – of Sandra, Jean’s daughter and Mrs Maney (pictured, centre) mother of famous opera-singer Carla Maney. 


Jean’s other daughter Daphne, who I believe lives with her – and which two now constitute the total residential population of Upper Water Street – served the refreshments, including hearty bowls of Irish stew. Later we were joined by the young party of Anne-Marie and Sarah-Jane McCann, daughters of Patricia and John, and their friends and some of their number sang too! 


I do not know two more beautiful or more pleasant young ladies. But this is what one would expect from the next generation of the Patterson line – their grandparents hailed from this immediate vicinity. You all know Councillor Jackie, their uncle.


But it was of the former residents of Upper Water Street I wished to tell you anyway.



As recently as a decade ago, just six residents are listed :


Ann Elizabeth Crozier

Daphne S Lockhart

Noel J Mullan

Andrea Nicholson

Kim Torley

Wayne Beck

… more later …

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