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1901 Upper Water Street

For the record, Lower Water Street runs from Mill Street to the junction with Margaret Street (Reporter Shop and Office) and its residential element now consists of two blocks of flats, that surrounding Marcus Street (above the shops) and the one between the ‘New Road’ and Supervalu’s rear entrance. 

Upper Water Street runs from Fitzpatrick’s Phoenix Bar to Smith’s Sports shop on the corner of Kildare Street. It was of the latter we were speaking …


We will skip back now ninety years to the turn of the century.


Upper Water Street Residents 1901


William Rafferty

Sarah Clarke

Daniel McGuirk

Catherine Crilly

Thomas Gorman

Michael Curtain

Edward McKevitt

John Gorman

Margaret McAlinden

Mary A Toner

James McKenna

David Clarke

Patrick McStay

Owen Kelly

Lizzie Gilmore

Bridget McShane

Mary Hollywood

Joseph McCracken

Mary O’Mahoney

Daniel Smith

William George Weir

Hugh Fegan

James Heather

John O’Hare

Patrick O’Hare

John McGladdery

Patrick O’Hare

Michael Smith

Bernard O’Hare

Samuel Watson

Bernard McKeown

Thomas Weir

Hugh Hegan

Nathaniel Moore

William Rafferty


… more later …

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