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1901 Water St families (1)

We were listing the residents of Lower Water Street in 1901 last time. Some elucidation and elaboration is appropriate for you students of social history!   Therefore we are cross-referencing the residents’s list just published with the Census returns of that year.

In 1901 there were 41 dwelling places on this street with six of them unoccupied. The total population was 156 of which 102 were Catholics, 21 Church of Ireland and 10 Presbyterian. Five houses consisted of only one room and nine had only two rooms. There were stables attached to many houses (the motor car had only been invented a decade earlier). 


There were eight shops and six public houses. General Dealer William Rafferty, aged 40 (for example) lived with his wife Maggie (36) and their family Annie (21) Maggie (19) a shop assistant and Philip (17) a dealer, George (15) Minnie (13) Willie (5) Patrick (2) and Josephine (9 months). 


Publican Paddy McStay (39) lived with his wife Rose Anne (30) and boarder Cornelius McCourt (20). Owen Kelly (45) lived with his wife Lizzie (45) and their children Patrick (11) and James (9). Widowed nurse Elizabeth McCann (72) boarded in the Kelly household. 


Widowed charwoman Lizzie Gilmore (36) lived with her family John (12) May (9) Lizzie (7) and Catherine (5).  Widowed mother Mary McAlinden completed the Gilmore household.


Social Comment :

Remember one third of these homes consisted of two rooms or less:  the others, little more.

The average occupancy was 4 persons : frequently boarders or other guests were accommodated.  As well as contributing to income, they assisted in the home management.

Oh!  What different times …


… more later …

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