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Big O in Bolton

My former classmate and pal Austin Golding, who is an avid reader and who returns often to visit Newry, sent me a few photos which I reproduce here.  Wouldn’t it be great if Austin could join the rest of the eejits in the CWC in that gathering in October ?

The gang here were on their way to a St Patrick’s Day Concert when they called in for a few SB’s.

Big O (Oliver McMahon of Warrenpoint, comedien) is left: then its Jimmy McGivern (aka Johnny Starr – originally of the Hilton Showband) then Mick O’Neill of Belfast and then our own Austin Golding. 

Just to show you the ravages the years can wreak, can you pick out a young Austin from the football team below?

"It cannot be that handsome hunk, third left at the back?"  I hear you whisper.


John Lynch is there and many others.

Can you supply the others’ names ?

I loaded this story, went to The Stations at three and walked into Austin Golding on Hill Street in the company of my old neighbour Gregory Hollywood.

It was p*****ng rain so we had only a few words for each other.

"Will you be here in October for the Eejit Fest ?"  "Might well be".

Better and better!

A few more names from that second photo:

Back L Paddy McDonald :   2 from Right:  Mickey Hart

Front : 2nd Left : Con Donaghy : 3rd Midge Larkin

Any more ?

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