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Last of Upper Water St 1901

Publican Patrick O’Hare (50) lived with his sister Mary Anne (60). Maggie Crilly (20) helped out in the O’Hare household.

Caretaker William Smith (64) lived with his wife Mary (56) and their children Michael (18) a plumber, Teresa (18) and Joseph (16). Grandson Charles Power (10) born in Louth completed the Smith household.


Publican Bernard O’Hare (56) was unmarried and without family when the Census was taken. Charles Mitchell (21) and Mary Elliot (25) helped out in the household and business.


Provision Merchant and Curer Samuel Watson (61) lived with his wife Annabella (56) and niece Ada Henning (14). 


Widowed Spirit Merchant Bernard McKeown (71) lived with his children Alice (21) and Peter (31) and Eddy who were cattle dealers.


Saddler Thomas Weir (58) lived with his wife Annie (35) and family Annie (21) a shop assistant, Edith (26), Thomasina (11) and John William (2). William Locke (18) was a saddler’s apprentice and Nellie McManus (20) was a shop assistant.


Merchant Hugh Hagan lived with his wife Catherine (48) and family Walter (20) Samuel (18) David (16) Hector (14) and George (12). Draper Nathaniel Moore (50) (born in County Antrim) lived with his wife Eliza (51) and their children Maggie (24) a schoolteacher, Robert (21) a groom and Euphenia (13). Nathaniel’s sister Euphenia completed the household.


… end …

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