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1863 Water Street

We will conclude our look at Upper Water Street with a list of the residents there back in 1863, shortly after the Great Famine.

Patrick O’Hare

James Morrow

John McDowell

Robert Campbell & Co

Robert McAllister

John Wright

William Brown

Samuel Connor

James Anderson

William Brown

Michael Collins

Joseph Edgar

Joseph O’Hagan

Isaac Davidson

John Heather

Thomas Boyd

Thomas Markey

Arthur Killin


A close study will find some names in common with those of a later generation.


In an earlier time this street was known as Dirty Lane. 

You will have your own opinion about that!

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Croatia. 

I would love to share some photos with you …

but SWMBO left my Lumix behind in some restaurant and I am temporarily camera-less!

Apart from that it was all great.

Maybe I’ll get to share some memories later!

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