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Michael J Murphy – folklorist

I read over today a contribution here of our dear-departed Carmel on Michael J Murphy’s ‘At Slieve Gullion’s Foot’ and realized that I had neglected to place Michael J in context. This current series of articles will right that!

Throughout his long (83 years) and fruitful life Michael J Murphy paid tribute, in prose and verse, to his people and the district he sprang from and other country areas he lived in or visited. Poignantly his words came to portray a disappearing world and indeed Michael himself was once appropriately referred to as the ‘last of the druids’.


Worse, even his written works (and I will compile a list here shortly) are mainly out of print and, scandalously in my opinion, not even available in our local history libraries. There is however, a reference library at the Cuchullain Centre in Mullaghbawn that includes almost all his oeuvre – though the books are for reference only and cannot be borrowed. We believe there are other writings of Michael J Murphy in existence which mysteriously were never published!


… more later …

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