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Carstands Memories 1910s

I remember one summer when the swivel-bridge over the Clanrye – to convey trains onwards towards Warrenpoint – was being built and passengers had to be conveyed by horse-drawn carriage to Edward Street station to embark instead.

The bridge is long gone now though the granite-stone arch – or rather one pillar of it – can still be seen.


The canal still had its commercial traffic and I remember too the ice-boat breaking the frozen surface to allow traffic. We were not well-pleased for, despite the danger we liked to skate and slide on the frozen waterway.


There is no longer any need of the old wheeled mud-scraper (to clean shoes and boots before entering shops) that some of the older folk remember. We no longer hear the sustained monotone of the chimney-sweep as he does his rounds : ‘Sweep’. 


I wonder whence went the oarsmen in black and gold who, at eventide conveyed passengers in the placid shady reaches of Fathom. I remember Joe Boden among their number. 


Then too there was a cycling club whose merry members almost filled our Square. No longer does the old traction engine puff along to Kilkeel with its wagons laden with goods. 


A little tale about that to come ….


… more later …

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