John McCullagh May 8, 2012

Ed and Bria Herron, Newry teachers by profession and, long into their well-deserved retirement teachers still at Newry U3A, are among the most popular and the best-esteemed of that august body of lovely people.  Indeed they continue to this day to invest enormous energy and enthusiasm into their work, so much so that their French classes regularly spill into the corridors of my old Alma Mater.

Their own love story -and life story – I hope will one day soon be told in these pages, for it is truely a remarkable tale.
But first, we are pleased to tell the tale of Bria’s father, Lance Corporal Cyril Elwyn Wiltshire of the Fifth Battalion, Welsh Regiment, who fell at Calvados, France on 21 July 1944 aged just twenty-five years.

Much of this tale is reproduced from his letters and his diaries.  Cyril was of 38 Castle Street Newry.

… more later …

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