My black hills have never seen the sun rising,

Eternally they look north towards Armagh.

Lot‘s wife would not be salt if she had been

Incurious as my black hills that are happy

When dawn whitens Glassdrummond chapel.

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Fr Coigly, United Irishman


Despite the extreme conservatism of the Catholic Church (the United Irishmen were roundly condemned by the great majority of the Catholic hierarchy) there were a number of like-minded priests – including Father McGinnis of Dromintine – with whom Father Coigly could empathise, radicals forged in the liberty-equality-fraternity atmosphere of revolutionary France.

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The fashion-conscious enjoy skin-tight slacks and a healthy tan.  Politicians talk of nuclear…

Cullyhanna Outrage

My grandfather was present at the great Aeridheacht cultural festival in Cullyhanna on Sunday 6 June 1920.  It was an occasion of local rejoicing and celebration and a welcome relief from the stresses of the fraught political situation in the country.




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The Ring of Gullion

gap of the north

The Ring of Gullion, measuring roughly twenty-six miles by eleven and comprising some 15,000 hectares is defined topographically by the hills of the ring dyke. 

The formation is practically unique globally and is thought to date originally to at least fifty million years ago at a time of great plate tectonic movement, when a collision of two massive plates may have dislodged into the earth’s mantle an enormous pluton that had intruded into the bottom of the crust at this point. 

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17 th Century Happenings


When the most powerful chief in Gaelic Ireland, Hugh O’Neill, who had taken the English title of Earl of Tyrone, submitted to Lord Mountjoy, the Queen’s Lord Lieutenant at Mellifont Abbey in Louth in the early 17 th century, the English Conquest was all but complete.

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Baggin’ a woman!


It was back in the oul’ days – about eighty or ninety years ago – and there was this chap and he needed a woman. He was about forty he’s self and a little bit past it …

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Fairy Thresher

Mass Rock Newry

That winter night round the blazing turf,

The children on the hobs, the talk ran on

Most from the farmer and his sister Kitty

His wife not holding much with superstitions,

To rhyme and ramble through familiar stories

Of ghosts and fairies, witches, blinks and spells.

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