Pearl’s Murder


As the moth is drawn to a flame, every year at this time I feel an inner compulsion to return to the sad story of the murder of young Pearl Gamble …

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Reversal – M Connolly

You can tell a lot about a person by quickly scanning their bookshelves, almost as much as you can by listing their friends, their musical or artistic tastes or their leisure pursuits. 

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Big Clock


It was the early 60s.  Many working men still wore cloth caps, like the man passing John Temples in the background.

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Slaughter in Ballyholland

Ballyholland History

One morning in 1797 the Ancient Britons [a Welsh Regiment of the English Army ]  accompanied by Becker’s Yeomanry, rode out from Newry through Corrags until they came to a loanan which, over a hill, led to the farm of a widow woman, one Mrs Ryan. 

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Derrybeg: Bessie Flashes


Yes, in the early years we walked to school.  I vividly remember walking down the Camlough Road in the dark, on a winter morning, and seeing flashes lighting up the sky.  

No, it wasn’t lightning.  It was Bessie, the Bessbrook tram, heading along the meadows towards the terminus at Edward Street

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Mary Kane’s Class


It just struck me!  Mary Kane (Rose Mary Kane)  – that’s  the same moniker as that famous country singer and celebrity panellist from Newry ….  well, Meigh, actually, – Rose Marie … and maybe ‘infamous’ is the word.

Anyway, is she any relation?

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Going Home


We like to encourage local talent.  Catherine McGrath, of Shore Road, Rostrevor has had the following short poem chosen for publication elsewhere.  We wish her the best of luck.  I’m sure many a lonely emigrant will shed a quiet tear reading her words!

Catherine McGrath  ( age 13)

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Rankin Memoirs: 4


Early in 1915 I went to work in Liverpool as trade was very poor in Newry. I returned to Ireland before conscription came into force.

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Maura Maguire is born


We have recently received  the memoirs of Maura Maguire. So delighted are we with this gift that we have determined to share instantly with the readership of Newry Journal.  We are confident you will love them too.

‘This account is primarily written for my children and their children, so that they might know of the events that shaped the person who is their mother and grandmother.


My name is Mary Bridget (Maguire) Mallon. I was born on 10 September 1936 in my grandparent’s home on Monaghan Street, Newry. 

My parents were Joseph Maguire and Anne Elizabeth (Doherty). 


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Old School Friends


Meeting occasional visitors at the ‘paper’ train that arrived from Belfast at 7 pm.  Then a ride home in Sam McCullough’s Austin taxi.

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The Turkey Trot


Bingo had become popular in Newry and weekly sessions arranged by local parishes and clubs were a lucrative way to enhance their funds.  It was also a welcome social event for many of the residents, and better still if you managed to shout, “CHECK!’ and win a cash prize.

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