John McCullagh February 11, 2004

At the top of the picture are the townlands of Drumlougher and Kiltybane with Lough Patrick on the left.  On the right middle is the famous three-ringed Royal Fort of Lisleitrim.  There was once a souterrain on its top level but – though still existing – this has been filled in with soil.     

John McCullagh February 10, 2004

George Paterson, folklorist and archivist, collected sayings of the aul people as he travelled the country.  Here is a selection. ‘A crowd of hares used till gather in the wee forth [fort] at night.  They used till just sit there an’ even the ‘grue’ [greyhound] that cud see them well wud luk the other way.  […]

John McCullagh January 31, 2004

Kevin McAllister was ‘hired out’ from the hiring fair at the top of North Street, where the Butter and Egg Market was then located.  Later the hiring was done at the bottom of Mill Street. 

John McCullagh January 30, 2004

Have you noticed the absence of street ‘characters’ over recent decades?  If it wasn’t for Bearded Marty, ever present at all hours of the day and night, we’d have totally lost all ‘local colour’ – as my schoolmaster used to put it!  Stop and chat with him some time – he’s got an interesting life […]