John McCullagh January 23, 2004

The storyteller’s art is a dying skill.  There was until recently (there may be still, for all I know) a Newry Storytellers Group.  I am a fan of the old style.  My uncle was a storyteller from Sheetrim, as was his father and grandfather before.  The custom belonged by the fireside of the old-style ceili […]

John McCullagh January 22, 2004

[Before reading this, please note the caveats expressed in the previous story, The Art of Storytelling].  I was talking of P J Brannigan.  Well, he was the great man for travelling.He was in Crete that often he had a girlfriend there be the name of De Milo.  She belonged to the Heraklion De Milos. Venus, […]

John McCullagh January 22, 2004

Bridget Hanratty, the last of our local Travelling Women, came to the door well equipped to receive the ‘charities’ that were happily and freely offered.  Despite this, she protested loudly when she was given money, or a few eggs, of a bowl of flour or meal, and potatoes for her sack.

John McCullagh January 6, 2004

I determined as a New Year resolution, to visit again old friends I had not seen for quite a while.  I had feared that my dearest friend and distant relative, Sarah Hagan of Ardboe, might not be with us any longer.  It had been almost two years since I had visited. Imagine my delight to […]

John McCullagh December 29, 2003

The Fairy Tree is in folklore, often associated with raths/hill forts of old, the little people of the underworld preferring to commune [sometimes through the souterrains often attending these sites] with the ancient rather than the modern peoples.