John McCullagh October 20, 2004

The autumn shades were reason enough to walk in the woods of the Hall Estate.  We also had seclusion and peace.  We found a family of pheasants (hen concealed in undergrowth here!), a woodcutter’s cottage, several exotic mushrooms and other plants and met some forestry and quarry workers.  Tomorrow to fresh woods and pastures new!

John McCullagh October 15, 2004

We promised you a guide to walks of various degrees of endurance.  Park at Mauds, enter the Ramper through the construction site (you’ve got the Right of Way) and follow the river path to the Tide: Council has supplied gates and a pleasant pathway for you to cross the Dual Carriageway and return to town […]

John McCullagh October 14, 2004

We were in Dublin to celebrate our achieving more than 100,000 visitors on Newry Journal.  The aul’ mate Keano wanted to share the photo-opportunity.  What can one do? ‘I believe you have something yourself to celebrate.  Ireland’s highest goal-scorer ever!’  ‘No comparison,’ he generously conceded. ‘You’re my main man!’ 

John McCullagh October 2, 2004

We chose to take the Ballymoyer Walk and it was great. The weather held out, the craic was good and the guide – an old friend, May Rice, as it happens – was excellent. The Cooley group had the worst of the weather. Tomorrow, the Lapin Trail.

John McCullagh September 30, 2004

I probably am overdoing this a bit, but I believe most of our visitors enjoy these old photo slideshows.  All these photographs were taken way before living memory but many of you will remember Warrenpoint and Rostrevor in these halycon days of yore.  Enjoy them whether or not!