John McCullagh February 9, 2004

This working quarry near Hilltown is interesting for a variety of reasons.  It contains a unique seam of rock that is currently very valuable in many aspects of the building industry.  Its rock is blocky, hard, sharp and slightly flinty in texture.  The homogenous blocks are contrasted with, for example, the fissilated [wafer-like] shales more […]

John McCullagh January 22, 2004

The origin, nature and conditions required for the proliferation of life forms remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of science.  One possibility receiving serious consideration is that the earliest life forms came to us from space – perhaps from a nearby planet like Mars (and hence the interest in the experiments on that planet […]

John McCullagh January 8, 2004

One hundred million years [100,000,000 years] is a small step in geological time, barely enough for mountains to ‘fold’ or erode, or oceans to open/close.  Yet it is possibly too great a time for the human mind to comprehend.