Industrial History

John McCullagh March 30, 2004

Up until a generation ago if one was fortunate enough to find work locally as likely as not one worked in the mill. Damolly Mill closed down twenty five years ago, in 1979.   For almost two and a half centuries it – under different guises – had provided employment and community life for ten generations […]

John McCullagh February 18, 2004

Newry was late on the scene in establishing powered flax mills, exploiting the boom that inevitably followed the closure of American ports during their Civil War.  

John McCullagh February 16, 2004

I lived outside in the barn in the first house I was hired to, said Kevin McAllister.  If you didn’t finish your six months you could be done out of your money.  There was no law to back you up.  It was rough enough.  They took three 2.5d stamps off me, for the letters I […]

John McCullagh February 10, 2004

‘The winter of ’47 was very harsh’, Kevin McAllister told me.  ‘There was often snow lying nearly to the roofs.  Parties of men were sent out to dig the roads clear.  One gang might suddenly dig its way through to another, coming from the opposite direction.  How did the country people survive? Everybody had a […]

John McCullagh February 3, 2004

It was rough on those coal boats.  They worked with tubs.  There was a derrick on two masts.  A man drove it with a winch.  There were four tubs in the hatch all the time.  And one in the air all the time.  Two men per tub were constantly shovelling.  When the hook appeared the […]