Church Notices

John McCullagh February 19, 2006

RECENTLY DECEASED Philomena Hayes Francis Street Mona Cooke (nee Ruddy) England           formerly O’Neill Avenue Malachy McCartan St Clare’s Avenue

John McCullagh February 13, 2006

Newry people abroad have it harder to access the Cathedral Parish Bulletins and so learn of the Recently Deceased – and the Newly Baptised. We like occasionally to offer this service by quoting from the latest bulletins. We quote verbatim from the bulletin and apologise for any unwitting error.

John McCullagh January 8, 2006

Officials in the Library in Memphis ordered the removal from the Crib display there of some figures it had deemed (on ‘politically-correct’ grounds, we presume) inappropriate.  Perhaps someone had objected to the deification of a child born out of wedlock, the public flaunting of his parents, the prominence offered to strangely-dressed travellers – perhaps illegal […]