John McCullagh November 25, 2003

The drumlins just referred to are another unique feature of our local physical scene, sometimes rather graphically referred to as a ‘basket of eggs’ topology.  Away from the mountains, and stretching in a broad band across north central Ireland from Down to Galway, these ridges of boulder clay give a clear indication of direction of […]

John McCullagh October 30, 2003

There’s something special about witnessing birth. I was there for all of ours (our children) and these were the highlights of my life. I witnessed the birth of a star last weekend. Have no doubt, those lucky enough to have attended Denise Hagan‘s two concerts at the Town Hall on Friday and Saturday will boast […]

John McCullagh October 29, 2003

This Tourist Brochure differs little from its c.1994 predecessor. Anthony Russell has been brought on board to lend some historical and literary credence but it must be acknowledged that the misuse of the comma persists and still irks.