John McCullagh May 8, 2005

There were no factories or offices on Greenbank Estate in my youth. There was The Showgrounds, or soccer ground, but there also was – wait for it! – TWO dog tracks! Owners, bookies and punters would travel from far and wide to ‘go to the dogs’ in Newry.  During the summer, race days were Wednesdays and Sundays, […]

John McCullagh April 16, 2005

The year was 1985. I was employed by Fords at Dagenham and I happened then to be player manager of a departmental football team. It was a Sunday morning and as usual my team was playing a league game at the Ford Sports Centre, Rush Green in Essex. We were allocated one of the pitches adjacent to […]

John McCullagh February 22, 2005

The John Mitchel Gaelic Athletic Club in Newry was formed by a group of enthusiasts back in the late 50’s.  Gerry Brown of Clanrye Avenue, a Physical Education teacher at the Abbey Grammar was its first Chairman and under his expert guidance the new club attained immediate success with a number of notable championships.

John McCullagh February 15, 2005

Peter McParland, Pat’s great predecessor on the international soccer stage, has a park in the area (Barley Lane) named after him.  Older folks will remember his incredible exploits in the greatest F.A. Cup final of them all!  Captain of his international squad, Danny Blanchflower admired him greatly, considering him an outstanding ‘outside left’:  of his […]

John McCullagh December 21, 2004

Jack the Hunt was the more common name for the acclaimed John Torley whose encounter with the Newry Board of Guardians can now be revealed under the 100 year rule!   Outdoor relief had now become the norm and Torley made personal application.  Indeed in anticipation of some revelry – for his reputation had preceded […]