Short Stories

John McCullagh May 26, 2004

This poem is written for Mrs. Margaret Dolan in memory of her late father, Thomas McCreesh (McGinnis) of Tullyogallaghan, Belleeks, Co. Armagh.  It is submitted by Rosemary Dolan of Guestbook.  Newry Journal is honoured to reproduce it here! A great, a grand outstanding man,Whose goal was ever high;Who to whate’er he put his handFound not in […]

John McCullagh May 26, 2004

Christmas Eve 2003 in the Railway Bar saw the unravelling of a story which had puzzled Wilbur Lundy from the Meadow from many a year earlier. Myself and Liam Boyle were lucky enough to be present and witnessed the whole turning of events. Wilbur’s eldest son Billy was a keen dog lover and hunter [very […]

John McCullagh May 25, 2004

I came upon this recently and reflected how true the sentiments and situation were for me and for generations before me.  I don’t know the author. ‘The rain poured down in bucketfuls as I cycled home from college some four miles away from our cottage.  It was a most welcome sight as I turned into […]

John McCullagh May 17, 2004

A student here, from Ballintoy A laughing fair-haired country boy Felt now and then fit to employ His Sunday leisure In turning verses to enjoy Poetic pleasure. I showed him how with little cost His thoughts were better far engrossed In the blank verse of Robert Frost And as a duck Takes to the burn […]

John McCullagh April 30, 2004

          Ballad of William Bloat In a mean abode, on the Shankill Road Lived a man named William Bloat He had a wife, the curse of his life Who continually ‘got his goat’ Till one day at dawn, with her nightdress on He cut her bleedin’ throat! With a razor gash, he settled her hash […]