Short Stories

John McCullagh January 10, 2004

That last poem (W Allingham’s The Fairies) brought back another old favourite in the same vein.  I thought I’d share it with you!  This one is by that perennial favourite English exile in Greece, Lord Byron.  I cannot remember which primary teacher introduced it to me, but I thank him/her for doing so. So we’ll […]

John McCullagh January 9, 2004

I will, as I promised, soon return to our analysis of ‘steps’ (of 100Ma!) in Earth’s history.  I’m afraid however that, while strolling in Narrow Water Quarry, I was taken with a compulsion to walk once again through the Fairy Glen.  So I did!  And thought of William Allingham’s poem, beloved of our childhood and […]

John McCullagh January 1, 2004

I’ve heard it said that no one knows the words, so here they are.  Next New Year’s Eve, you’ll be the only one singing the right lines, and you’ll look the right g

John McCullagh October 28, 2003

Now Willie was an Orangeman as loyal as can be Virtuous and upright, a decent man was he A man who’d always do his best to help a friend in need

John McCullagh October 23, 2003

Niamh   Some hours ago the water fell To christen you, to work its spell And wipe your slate, we hope for good But now your life is sleep and food Which, with our love will, by your leave Suffice you now, our darling Niamh.   This happy birth, two thousand years Our harbinger of […]