Reply To: Aimless Facts.


Just to inform you, arrived home this morning early, Weds 19th Sept.

I was and still am beyond exhaustion, I am still reviewing and examining the trip to see if it the positive out does the negative.

This was a trip that saw us encounter the paper mountain of Belarussian authority on two occasions and one very fortunate escape from the police.

The van driver had failed to carry his passport, immigration form and two documents relating to the van. It was a traumatic act of carelessness.

It is good to be at home but I also have to deal with the death of a cousin who was one great friend, Miss Carol Fitzpatrick, I was unable to get home for her funeral. I now I will miss our evening of craic as I would talk about Belarus, a place she was in in 2009 and 2010 with me.

She was great craic and was one that convinced me to return. I will miss the cup of tae and the enthusiasism she had to overcome the problems about taking a group to Belarus.