Reply To: Aimless Facts.


Aimless facts thrown about can be very harmful and cause all sorts pain, hurt and anger. Oh and the odd snigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine if one had been thrown about tonight with the Olympic flame being carried through the town, oophs city. There I was waiting to see Willie boy and he has morphed into this young female who I had not a clue who she was!
In the blink of two sodden eyes the whole shebang has passed and anti climax followed immediately, could only happen in Newry.
Should have put this in the rant section but no-one is ranting. Aimless fact that one.
Aimless fact, was in London, 1988 on that famous day (Sunday) when Ray Houghton put the ball in the english net and life was wonderful. The joke was on the other side.