Reply To: Aimless Facts.


For Santanta,
for ye who drifts aimlessly around this world, U was playing around with aimless and facts.
Fact, the olympic torch was in Newry on Tues and Weds.
Tues, it is raining and not mizzling, in the local papers this last few weeks was that two locals, Willie McCracken and a young person Ryan Cinnamond had been chosen to carry the torch through the town,
What I did not know was that the whole was tightly choreographed with those carrying the torch limited to the distance they would bear the light.
So as I waited and in a blink of an eye a bus convoy arrives and that immediately curtailed the view, so I saw this young one who I had no idea who she was.
Wet, disappointed and totally bemused by the snafu that happened at Abbey yard with the traffic, causing a snarl up and slight panic was the only memorable moment I got from the torch.
I then went aimless to a fact about 1988 and myself and then I see your two replies with the last one of one word making me laugh out loud.
So another aimless fact of mine, at the Special Olympics, Dublin 2003. Was I so lucky! I missed meeting that eejit Bono!
Dublin, June 2003, it was more than special, it was everything what sport, friendship and fun is all about. So many great moments!