Reply To: Aimless Facts.


Was in Shercock, Co Cavan on Thurs with Lislea drama group who were buoyed by the victory at Lislea last Saturday night.

Shercock, definitely a sleepy Irish village but we were treated so well at their drama festival, brilliant.

Tomorrow morn early, off to somewhere in Wicklow but sure it is the craic of the whole adventure,  journey, off load set, set up, prepare for performance, performance, adjudication and then the striking of the set and loading the lorry, all right to relax as we are staying overnight.

I still laugh at things and lines in the show and that means it is good after three competitive and two other performances, bordering on sheer class at times, if you have not seen “Rumours”, get to it and sit back and enjoy the comedy and the sheer skill of the talented cast.

The craic has been mighty  so far and the hope is that it will continue so, even for the unseen ones who work away in the background.