Addresses in our locality

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Church Avenue

Sandys Street

Baggot Street

Windsor Hill

Windsor Bank

Windsor Avenue

Windsor Manor

Glen Mullan



Hilltown Road

Ashtree Cottages

Crown Crescent

Crieve Road

Cairn Hill

Oakvale Avenue

Hollywood Grove

Hollywood Gardens

Hollywood Avenue

Crieve Court

Fullerton Road



Maryville Park

Carrick Ard

Ardmaine Gardens


Fern Heights

Fern Court

The Blackthorns

Blackthorn Grange

Crieve Heights

Benmore Court

Pound Street

Mount Pleasant

Greenfield Park

John Mitchel Street

James Street

Henry Street

Cowan Street

Arthur Street

McManus Court

Talbot Street

Penguin Place

Stream Street

St Mary’s Terrace


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