adminwp April 20, 2009

Included here is an artist’s impression of how this road development will look shortly.  Already I can imagine the Southern shoppers, impatient with the delays, overshooting to the 5Ways – and beyond, to the Mourne Country Hotel roundabout – and choking the town’s traffic from all sides!

It is clear that town-bound traffic from the South exits early and to the sliproad on the left to go under the new Cloughogue Bridge while South-bound traffic has its own sliproad to Newry via the existing railway bridge.

I don’t think the artist has accurately drawn the new road at that rock buttress in the middle distance!  Surely the leftmost of the two dual-carriageways rises and separates at that point?

Still, roll on the great day when we see some little traffic relief on our Southern side!

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