adminwp March 26, 2005

Some 80% of all our historic articles are now uploaded from the old site.  The balance will soon be up too.  We are aware, and apologise to regulars that the rate and variety of ‘new’ upolads have reduced in the meantime.  That too will shortly be addressed.

If you are aware of, and want some ‘missing’ old features back, please contact us though Guestbook.  A number of our regular contributors there have not posted opinions recently.  We’d like you back!

Most ‘historic’ articles now appear without appropriate photos.  This was chiefly for the purpose of speed of uploading.  Some will be reviewed, with added photos, over the coming weeks.  Not all articles, we accept, need photo captions. 

The interactive nature of Newry Journal is its strongest feature.  We are always delighted to upload your articles, if they are appropriate and come up to a certain minimum standard.  Please contribute.

Tell us how to improve the look and the content of your Newry Journal.  We will attempt to comply with your wishes.  Thanks for your support.

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