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House-bound by the snow this last while, I have used my time to ‘link’ appropriate sections of Journal’s back catalogue. The work is not complete, but browsers will now find that the contributions of many kind donors have been linked in a loop.

Of course, many items are individually free-standing (like Sean Maguire’s many poems and short stories, for example, and those of Brendan Mulligan) and are in no need of linkage.

Among the new improvements are linked the reminiscences of:

Anthony J Carroll

Martin Payne

Brian Fitzpatrick

Maura (Maguire) Mallon

Patrick Devlin

Tom McKeown

Michael Quinn

Fabian Boyle

Sean Crawford

Tommy Morrow

Joe Doran

Sally Vandervelden

Carmel Goodwin

Anonymous of Carstands School

Olwen Dean

Damian Quinn … 

 and series such as


Pearl Gamble story


Young Ireland

Editor’s Meadow Memories

History pre-1800

History 1800-1900

Maritime History

South Armagh stories …

… much of the Reminiscence archive, and much, much more.


I continue to work on the rest. Of course, many items need no link.

I hope all this makes your browsing of Newry Journal easier and more enjoyable.

P.S.  If you find this page – with all its primary links – useful, you may wish to bookmark it for future handy and quick reference purposes!

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