Labour Exploitation

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I often feel like reminding people that ‘they’ve never had it so good’ but I fear -like McMillan before me – that I would be misunderstood.  Perhaps it was my mood therefore that caused me to consider the following story distracting!
Employers in the Czech Republic, frustrated at what they consider the abuse of toilet privileges by many of their female staff, are considering making female cashiers wear luminous red headbands when they are menstruating.  Women I am told, require the use of toilet facilities more at that time of the month.  Perhaps the bands could be fitted with flashing lights and clanging bells too, just to further underline the women’s humiliation?  Presumably unscheduled bathroom visits by men could be controlled by requiring them to wear urine-catchment bags with suitable attachments and hoses?  Actual toilet visits allowed only for Number Twos, this to be monitored by fitted odometers? 
Then I heard that Polish employers have already gone one step further!  Some retail managers have ordered all their cashiers, both male and female, to wear disposable nappies while at work so they won’t need toilet breaks at all.  
I was particularly disturbed to learn that a large German retail outlet was considering adopting a similar policy. 
Yet still the only things to concern our TV news viewers are Becks’ or Boris Johnson’s infidelities, or the restriction of smokers in bars or the euro exchange rate.  They won’t wake up until there are no jobs left or only those filled by exploited and enslaved immigrants.

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