Leather Apron

On Wednesday night a young girl named Duffy, residing with her parents in Chapel Street, Newry, ran home from a field in the suburbs of the town, where she had gone to fetch cows ….

…. home for the night, and stated that she had been accosted by a strange man only partially dressed, who leaped out of a hedge and chased her through the field, saying that he was “Leather Apron,” and the murderer of the Whitechapel victims.

When the girl reached home, without waiting to bring the cows, she was almost breathless and in a very excited state.  Her father informed the constabulary of the affair, and they went to the field, but failed to find the mysterious stranger.

An alarm of a similar kind has been exciting the minds of the people of Warrenpoint and the district for the past three or four days.  So great is the panic amongst the female portion of the community that not one of them can be induced to go out on the Newry road after dark.  The police believe the mysterious man is some half-crazy individual.

Before you start naming suspects, or causing a general alarm, be informed that …

this story is taken from the


and that the murderer of the Whitechapel victims is the original Jack the Ripper!!

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