More Newry Addresses

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Here are further addresses in and around Newry.  Remember these are ‘bunched’ to allow you to infer the general location of new estates!

High Street

Well Lane

St Patrick’s Avenue

St Clare’s Avenue

North Street

Castle Street

Water Street

Marcus Street

St Coleman’s Park

Hill Street

Mill Street

George’s Lane

St Mary’s Street

Abbey Yard

Courtenay Hill

Hennessy Park

Windmill Road

Windmill Heights

Windmill Winds

Windmill Place

Abbey Heights

Yew Tree Park

Cherrywood Avenue

Blaney Crescent

The Manse

Church Street

Ballyholland Park

Carraig Mhuire

The Beeches

Temple Hill Road

Forthill Road

Mourneview, Commons

Ballyholland Road

Hillside Villas

Innisfree Park

McAteer Villas

Rockfield Heights

Harmony Heights


Hill Road

Billy’s Road

Mass Rock Lane

Commons School Road

Commons Hall Road

Moorhill Road

Bingian Terrace

Grinan Lough Road

Mullavat Road


…… more later …….

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