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It is simply not nearly good enough that Bishop Murray of Limerick be allowed to resign – as though that alone would satisfy the needs of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The ogre, [Father] Tom Naughton (pictured above)  – who Murray protected, before passing him on to abuse innocents in other parishes outside of Dublin yesterday escaped with the ludicrously lenient sentence of two years for abusing an altar boy over two years, had already served time for previous rapes, but complaints to Murray about Naughton when in his charge were ignored or dismissed.

The directly-abused are incensed.

Mervyn Rundle, who was abused by Naughton, has called for a criminal investigation into Dr Murray’s response to the abuse allegations at the time.

"When are the guards (Irish police) going to act against these guys?" he told the Irish Times.

Retired Garda sergeant John Brennan, who sought to have Naughton removed from Valleymount in 1984 following complaints by parents, told the paper: "It was (Naughton’s) superiors who, aware of this weakness, sent him around to other places, and I think they shouldn’t be allowed at this stage to resign or retire.

"They should be the subject of a criminal investigation. If there is neglect and evidence of a cover-up, it shouldn’t be a question of somebody resigning. They should be the subject of a criminal charge."

There are other Bishops who ought to have criminal charges preferred against them – among them Newry’s John Magee.  Other Bishops who deserve to be excommunicated (at the least) have been named here previously. 

Bishop Willie Walsh deserves severe censure for castigating journalists (like yours truely) who called for ‘heads to roll’  for ‘misreading’ the Murphy Report when he himself failed to read it at all. 

How can the laity take the hierarchy seriously, when so many of the very top leaders of the hierarchy are themselves under severe suspicion?

And all of this is not to mention the paedophiles and pederasts among the rank-and-file clergy!

Bishop Magee – of Newry – who was allowed to ‘step aside’.

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