Newry Journal For Sale

Newry Journal has survived 4-5 times longer than the average web-site (and longer even than the 18th century local newspaper of the same title). 

More than that, this is the only website we know that is updated daily with new articles.

Our statistics graph indicates than we continue to acquire new readers at the rate of 34% per year. Our current daily visits which total more than 2100 persons is actually up 100% on that of the past few months. We attract more than 5.25 million hits a year, that too 35% more than a year ago.

In every other respect we continue to thrive also. We are read in almost every country of the world and the greater part of our readership lives abroad, many in USA and Canada. We have never received the slightest criticism or negative response to our efforts. To the contrary, praise – to an often embarrassing extent – has been heaped upon us continually.

The bad news? Unfortunately it cannot go on. Your current editor has run out of steam and new ideas. I have been working 365 days a year on this project for over five years – often several hours a day – researching, devising, writing, editing and planning. My personal life and other interests have suffered.

There are a number of options which I wish to set out.

There is a body of information on these pages that ought to be preserved.

I would like to offer Newry Journal for sale, to a concerned owner who would follow our liberal philosophy of editorship. Anyone interested should contact with an offer. Ownership of all the intellectual property that has appeared here exclusively would also pass to the new owner.


Newry Journal is a commercial proposition, generating income from advertising. This aspect I have not even begun to exploit properly and it offers a wonderful opportunity to any enterprising person.

Alternatively I may wind the operation down to a once-a-week or once-a-fortnight update. This I could cope with without serious affect on my personal life or other interests.

Even then I would need some outside aid for I feel that I have already exploited all friends and relations for their reminiscences. A new source would be urgently required by any new owner.

As a third alternative I could offer to continue to work part-time, as part of a team, under some new owner and new editor.

I am very grateful for all the help, advice and friendship I got while editor of Newry Journal.


I will wait a few weeks before making my final decision.



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